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Our Unique Approach

Summer YOUniversity Reading

  • Lessons at every grade level focused on increasing fluency with guided oral reading lessons.

  • Emphasis on comprehension skill review with a focus on understanding the text.

  • Daily vocabulary and phonemic awareness instruction emphasizing student improvement.

  • The summer reading challenge uses fun reading journals.

  • Aligned to state standards and the National Reading Panel.

Summer YOUniversity Math

  • Teaching students to choose the best solution paths and reasoning to justify conclusions.

  • Lessons in understanding and explaining the misstep in the problem and using data to problem solve.

  • Repeated and cumulative emphasis on mental math and computation skills.

  • Instruction and practice in constructing and reading graphs as sources of data to solve problems.

  • Aligned to state standards and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Summer YOUniversity STEM/Project-Based Learning

  • Integrated projects across subject areas to connect learning in new ways.

  • STEM kits are embedded in the program to spark creativity and true investigation.

  • Focus on hands-on learning with real-world applications to develop a variety of skills.

  • Project-based STEM activities aligned with National Institute for STEM guidelines.

Summer YOUniversity Assessments

  • Our pre-assessment identifies skill gaps in the students’ reading and math comprehension.

  • The assessment is aligned with our curriculum and daily lessons.

  • Small skill-group instruction will be implemented based on the data.

  • Growth reports and data reports are shared for all students in reading and math.

Our Unique Approach: Services

STEM/Project Based Learning

STEM Projects Include

  • Schools work with Summer YOUniversity representatives to choose the weekly themes and units kids will experience

  • Materials, STEM kits, workbooks provided for all classrooms

  • Teacher lesson plans complete with reading passages, vocabulary activities based on the theme, everything you need to deliver fun and engaging activity-based instruction

  • Student workbooks that they can take home at the end of the week with the kits they completed as well


Volcano Week!

Students learn about volcanoes, build their very own, watch it erupt, and take home the completed workbook and kit to keep forever!


Chemistry Week!

Students learn about physical and chemical changes, write disappearing messages to their friends, understand new vocabulary in the science world, and at the end of the week, the book and kit are theirs to keep!

Our Unique Approach: Projects
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