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Program Insights

  • Student Progress is monitored to ensure growth and success as measured by state standardized assessments and individual learning goals.

  • Parental Involvement and Community is essential for student development and positive behavior in the classroom. When parents and teachers communicate, students feel more motivated.  Participating in Summer YOUniversity, self-esteem improves, and productive classroom attitudes are reinforced.

  • Professional Development (PD) is paramount to our success. Our staff is trained in each school’s program to meet custom individualized needs. Our staff PD is delivered by qualified and energetic trainers led by a licensed school superintendent.

  • Curriculum for Schools is a state approved ELA, Reading and Math program.

  • Summer School Programming with a STEM enrichment program. This program is an award-   winning program serving over 85,000 students per year.

  • Motivation is key and all of our programs have a standalone student store where kids redeem earned tokens.

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Turn-Key Summer Planning

  • Summer YOUniversity hires your teachers.

  • On-Site program director provides all program materials.

  • Dedicated certified trainers to provide program professional development prior to program beginning.

  • Curriculum aligned with state standards as well as pre and post assessments to measure achievement and growth.

  • Complete program data reporting provided at the completion of the program.

  • Student incentive rewards including a student store.

  • Marketing, enrollment, and parent communication throughout the program.

Program Features

  • Turn-Key from custom design from contract to program management.

  • Small group instruction in reading and math.

  • Face-to-face staff training on program specifics.

  • Student enrollment and custom marketing for your program.

  • Data reporting.

  • Parent and family engagement.

  • Reading, Math, and hands-on STEM activities...everyday!

  • Oversight from our licensed teachers and superintendent of schools.

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